A Website For Your Storefront, Your Portal

What is Muz Website?

  • Muz Website is meant to create your content website, storefront type or more advanced such as portal, great quality at a low price
  • It is based upon the technology’s leader WordPress, and Drupal technology for more complex portals
  • WordPress and Drupal are without a doubt the most popular Content Management Systems worldwide to date
  • Their main advantages are that they respect web standards, are totally user-friendly  and have a simple and intuitive administration pane
  • We ensure free support for 30 days after delivery
  • Our websites are delivered totally secure, this is our specialty!

MUZ Site, votre vitrine, votre portail

How much is Muz Website?

  • We provide Muz Website service starting from €800 excl. taxes
  • The average price including the usually requested options ranges between €800 and €1200 excl. taxes
  • The average price including more specific options ranges between €1200 and €2000 excl. taxes
  • Any other specific request will be evaluated individually


Muz Website, How-To?

The Muz Website product requires detailed technical specifications first, which we will help you set up.

The technical specifications will for instance allow to determine the corporate identity and the store set up.


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