Security: Audit, Protection And Cleaning Against Hacking

What is Muz Security?

Security is an essential part of any Internet project. It is necessary to think beforehand and during the whole process in order to prevent hacking, which is one of the worst things that can happen. And once it does happen – it sometimes is inevitable – you have to be ready to fix the breach and what the hackers may have altered as soon as possible.

  • Muz Security is a website and server securing service package
  • We can audit a website or server in order to advise you on how to improve security
  • Apart from the audit, we can also secure a website or server, once the audit has been completed
  • We provide fixing for hacked websites or websites infected with anything that is out there on the web
  • An audit approximately takes a week and disinfection 48 hours

MUZ Sécurité, votre protection, votre sauveur

How much is Muz Security?

Price summary for the provision of security services are below:
Website Server
Security audit 500 € Order 1500 € Order
Secure service 500 € Order 1500 € Order
Clean-up service 500 € Order 1500 € Order
Secure installation 500 € Order 1500 € Order

Muz Security, How-To?

If you would like us to take care of your website or server’s security, you can contact us by filling out the following form: