Ultra Secure and Efficient Hosting

What is Muz Hosting?

  • Muz Hosting is meant for website owners who do not wish to waste their time handling the hosting and everything that goes with it
  • Muz Hosting relies on Windows and Linux technologies, depending on your website
  • It is an ultra secure and very efficient shared hosting on one of our dedicated servers, either on OVH or Online for France. Security isn’t just a commercial aspect, it is a reality. Most hosting agencies ensure the server’s security only, we also ensure your web application’s security
  • Our hosting includes multiple security services such as a weekly security scan or the use of specific security tools rarely implemented on shared servers because they require action and analysis made by security specialists
  • Save and restore, performance optimization and diagnosis are included!
  • Once payment completed, it takes about 24 to 48 hours to merge an existing website to MuZeTiK, transparently, with no interruption. For creating a website, the hosting will be ready within 4 hours.

MUZ Hébergement, votre sérénité

How much is Muz Hosting?

It is quite simple, we have 3 offers:

Ultra efficient and ultra secure : €50 per month, CMS support and very fast loading Order
Ultra secure : €30 per month, with CMS support Order
Standard : 10€ per month, without CMS support Order

Two months free for an annual payment except for the standard offer.

For the outsourcing of your dedicated server or one of our virtual private servers by our team, you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page, we charge a single price of €250 per month per server.

Muz Hosting, How-To?

The Muz Hosting product only requires owning a website which respects islamic ethics. If you are interested, contact us if necessary:


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